Off days.

Have you ever had an off day?

It’s a rhetorical question because I’m pretty sure all of us have experienced those days.

I tried to start this next sentence with “we” as in we all go through life pretending each day that we’re fine, but maybe that’s just the few of us who don’t quite understand how life works.

So instead I’ll say that I go through life with skeletons in my drawers, secrets in my palms, and chains at my feet.

Everyday a part different from before, and a part that threatens to repeat itself.

My mind is a curious one. Always wanting to know what’s next and what’s new. It has a tendency to always ask and seek the answers to whatever it happens to be looking for. No matter how bad the answer is.

The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Which in return creates these days, in the timeline of life, that are scheduled as off days. The days where you cant keep pretending that you’re okay or that you’ve somehow gotten lost. On these days, my mind is filled with blurred thoughts and incoherent feelings. It’s like my body is physically there but my mind is mentally away.

My mind takes a vacation from life, and leaves a completely vulnerable human being.

Naked and afraid, with a list full of fears that is never ending.

With skin so easily scarred and mind so easily touched.

I wake up on these days feeling unaware and alienated from the world. Minutes and hours pass by as I perform the daily tasks of my life. But it’s like I’m watching a movie about myself. I’m not there, that’s not me doing those things. When my mom asks me a question, my answer’s are one worded and if she’s lucky maybe a shrug.

Because every little secret that I tried to put away, is screaming for my attention. Waiting to be helped and nurtured by me. How do people do it though? How do you talk about your problems if you can’t? Sometimes I’m dying to tell anybody, but it just creates pity. And pity is the last thing I need from anybody. So instead I shed tears onto my pillowcase and hope that the next day is better than today.

Those are my off days. As real and authentic as it gets.

At the end of the day, we’re all human. Each and everyone of us with a secret of our own. It’s learning how to get through these off days where we get stronger. Even if all you do is express your emotions through tears, than its okay. It’s about not keeping those emotions locked up and not pretending that they’re going to go away.

No matter what, don’t forget that it’s just a bad day, not life.

The Rant Girl x




7 things that make me happy.

Hey guys!

So I’m back today with another blog post because I have time. Which sounds a bit weird but I’ve finally found time to sit down and write more blog posts. These pasts couple of weeks, school combined with extracurriculars has kept me from writing more blog posts. Finally I’m allowed a bit of a break…..

No, it’s not spring break yet for me.

“Silently cries in corner counting down the days till spring break”

The real reason for me having time is a little ironic actually. So a couple of days ago, in my last blog post, I talked about how I thought this week was going to be the best week ever. I was somewhat wrong. The next day I went to sleep not feeling very well, and when I woke up the next morning I was physically drained. I woke up with a sore throat, a massive headache, and felt completely nacious. Needless to say, I stayed home and was put on bed rest. All very horrible things but the good thing to come out of it was time. Time to sit back and think of new blog posts.

That was a pretty long intro… very sorry but to continue with the blog post, today I want  to talk about 7 things that make me happy. You see, sitting around sick and not being able to do much, got me thinking of the things that could possibly cheer me up. Whether it’s a small or big gesture, all theses things make me infinitely happy.

7 Things That Make Me Happy

  1. Food

What a very broad topic indeed. Dinner specifically, but I’d go for any type of food, anytime of the day. If I could, I would spend my days traveling the world trying all different types of food.

     2. Friends & Family

I’ve tried many times to venture through this world without friends to lend me a hand. And let me tell you, it’s completely impossible. For me, at least it is. I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have my friends and family there, ready to support me, or just carry me up when I’m feeling down. A day spent with them is 10 times better than a day spent alone.

    3. Reading a book

I’m the type of person to always have a book with me. Wherever, whenever I will probably be reading a book. Books are filled with this amazing ability to take you into this other universe and let you escape life.  Every single time I walk out of the bookstore, it’s like someone has just handed me the key to heaven.

    4. Dogs

I mean, come on. How can dogs not make anyone happy? When I come home everyday, my dog is always there to cheer me up and cuddle. Once you show me a picture of a dog, I’m a goner. My day has magically become a lot better.

    5. The Future

Of course I’m nervous for the future, but at the same time I get so excited just thinking about what’s to come. Honestly I cannot wait to graduate high school and experience college.

    6. Laughing

Not really sure how to categorize this one, but anything thats makes me laugh until my stomach hurts is awesome. I’m definitely a sucker for puns, any type of puns make me so happy.

     7. Blogging

And last but certainly not least is blogging. I never in a million years thought about starting a blog. But I am so glad that I did. It’s given me this platform to express my thoughts and feelings into a community filled with amazing people.

Choosing to be happy is a choice you get to make. Darkness has no power over you unless you let it have it. I hope you enjoyed this blog post and always remember that even the smallest things in life have the ability to make you happy.

See you guys soon,

The Rant Girl


I need somebody. Not just anybody. You know I need someone.

Why have I just stated the intro to The Beatles classic?

Honestly, I haven’t got a clue.

Hello wonderful people of the interwebs! I’m back today with one of those random posts that don’t really have a category or a specific meaning to them. Sometimes I feel like I need every one of my blog posts to be utter perfection and impactful to the people who read them. But I need to stop doing this, because although I have readers to satisfy, I also want to be 100% me. Even if that means writing about the randomest and weirdest thoughts that come into me head.

So, an update on my life….. It’s gone to absolute disaster. My grades aren’t exactly horrible, but they are definitely not up to the standards I want them to be.

Starts to sing “When you try your best, but you don’t succeed…”

These past few weeks have been quite an emotional roller coaster for me. A lot of the times you think you have life under control, and then it hits you with a bang. Last week I was the metaphorical gong they use in yoga class. You know the one the yoga instructor hits during class? Yes, that was me, and life was the yoga instructor.


School. Oh, what a dreadful thought. Okay, okay so it isn’t that bad, but I think its just some specific subjects that make my stomach churn. I am in no way interested in science at all, and for that reason alone I believe that science classes should not be mandatory. Chemistry has become a place full of sorrow, misery, and endless nights of stress. Me and chemistry just don’t click. Please believe me when I say that I’ve tried tremendously to understand chemistry. Whatever I do, nothing seems to add up.

Now I don’t want to speak for all teachers, but some teachers need to get with the program, and I say this in the nicest way possible. A few of my teachers wait until the very last minute to put my grades into the grade book and this stresses me out so much. For example, my math teacher still hasn’t put in the grade for a test we took over a month ago! Please to all the teachers out there, I understand you have many responsibilities but don’t forget to put the in grades.

Anyways, aside from my obvious problems at school, mentally I think I’m doing okay. I’ve been trying to surround myself with people who are positive and make me laugh all the time. I’m also trying out this new thing called “going out” (please note my sarcasm) and no not with boys, but with my friends. This weekend actually I went to go see Beauty and the Beast and it was AMAZING! From the actors, to the music, everything about it was spectacular.

“Currently in the process of trying to convince my mom to let me go see Beauty and the Beast again”

It’s only the start of the week, but I can already feel that this week is going to be a whole lot better than last week.

I hope you guys enjoyed this little update,

The Rant Girl



Breakups Suck.

Hey guys! Long time no see….

I’m so sorry that it’s been a week since my last blog post, but as any teenager could tell you school basically takes over your life.

So, as you can tell from the title, today I wanted to talk about breakups. Which is kind of ironic seeing as I’ve never been in a relationship. But I’d like to think that after watching so many romantic comedies and seeing people close to me go through breakups, I have some bit of knowledge.

Okay to start off I just want to say that every relationship is different. Not everything is always going to be black and white. This is what I have gathered from my sisters relationship with her now ex-boyfriend. As I’m writing this, my sisters broken heart has yet to be healed.

Tears stained on pillowcases, Beyonce’s “If I were a boy” blaring throughout the household. That’s pretty much how my sister has chosen to spend her weekend. No matter how much we tell her that she’s worth so much more and the whole world has yet to be discovered, she refuses to listen to us. Hopefully she’ll be able to understand one day that love always comes with a price.

Breakups are somewhat of a right of passage. Most people will go through it. Learning how to get through a breakup is important. Unfortunately your handed the job of trying to stitch your heart back to the way it used to be. After that, the cycle continues and continues until it doesn’t anymore. You just need to remember that pain is temporary and you will get through it.

The process is completely different for everyone. In your time of need though, I recommend that you have someone who is willing to help you get through it. Any words of encouragement can make a huge difference.

There is only one way to go now.


All of the apologies and things left unsaid will try to distract you from the truth. If both of you are meant to be, you’ll eventually find your way back to each other. For now you have to worry about you and how you can fix yourself, before another attempt at a relationship.

“You never know how strong you are, until being strong is your only choice.”

  • Bob Marley

I hope you guys enjoyed and never forget that breakups are not the end of the world,

The Rant Girl

The Versatile Blog Award + 100 followers!

I am in complete and utter shock.

Hey guys! So I’m back today with another award that I should have done a couple days ago but as always my procrastination got in the way. Whenever I get nominated for an award it completely puts me in a state of disbelief. So I want to thank ES Ordinary and Thee Wallflower Girl for making me feel like they enjoy reading my blog and for always being extremely nice! As always if you haven’t already checked out their blogs, go follow them because they are awesome 😉


1. Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blog

2. Nominate at least 15 bloggers of your choice

3. Link the nominees and inform them about your nomination

4. Share 7 facts about yourself

7 Facts about myself are……

  1. I love to listen to all and any Christmas songs all year long (Hint: Justin Bieber Christmas album)
  2. I like to have deep conversations about life with strangers I’ve just met.
  3. Most of the time I’ll sing along to a song I don’t even know the lyrics to and make up my own lyrics
  4. I spend most (okay maybe every) Friday night rewatching one of my all time favorite movies, 27 Dresses
  5. My favorite snack in whole world is popcorn, especially the buttery popcorn you eat at the movie theater
  6. Sometimes I pretend to be sleeping when my mom calls me down to clean the dishes
  7. One of my guilty pleasures has to be hands down jamming out to The Beatles

My Nominations:

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Stella // Rainy Day Writings


Jodie // Jodiemacias

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Guys. Gals. People of the world.

I never thought the day would come where my blog would be seen and read by people other than my best friends and my parents. But it happened and I am forever ever grateful for each and everyone of you.

All 102 of you to be exact.

Thank you so much for helping me reach 100 followers! There are people from countries I’ve never been to and places I’ve never even heard of. It’s amazing that people from the other side of the earth are reading this right now. Who would have known that any of this would have ever happened? Definitely not me. The day I started this blog I entered a wonderful community of people who have a passion to share their stories with the world. So again I want to thank all of you and I hope that you can all stay and come along the start of a journey that is nowhere near its end.


The Rant Girl



Who knew such a small word could make such a difference in the world.

We all arrive on the planet the same way. As a single human form capable of so much more than what were given. Although we are all born the same, it doesn’t mean that we all grow up to be the same. Different people, of different families, of different cultures. We don’t share the same beliefs, ideals, or dreams. But what each and everyone of us share is the ability to change or be changed. It doesn’t matter if you did everything in your power to stop it, change needs to happen. It can either be a necessary evil or a delightful surprise.

For most of high school, my sister had only ever had her sights on this one particular university. She planned, studied, and even bought items that represented her dedication towards that university. When the time came and she opened her email it was like everything she had ever dreamed about was crushed in a matter of seconds. The long nights of endless studying had all resulted in a failure. She believed that she was a failure.

But how could she be one, when the only thing she ever did was dedicate her life to a place that never got to see her true potential?

I’ll never forget the day when I heard it. Not just the heart-wrenching sobbing but the sound of a heart being torn into a million little pieces. It wasn’t just her heart that was no longer mentally capable of functioning. It was the part of her that had the ability to believe and dream that was ruined as well.

From that moment on, I was set on believing that everything in life happens for a reason. We don’t get to choose what happens to us. It just sort of happen’s. My sister believed that her life was over. The idea that a single email could do that to a person is astonishing. This was not the end of her life, but only the beginning of a life so uncontrollably real.

You see in the real world plans change, people change, and life hits you with all that it’s got. Just because it wasn’t the life you dreamed of, doesn’t mean it isn’t the life for you. So please take control because you were given this life. Don’t ever forget that you’ll never stop being you, no matter how big or small you change. Change doesn’t have to be monumental. It can be as small as a new haircut or a new life aspiration. It’s time that we embraced the future head on, even if it’s not the future we planned on.

“The secret to change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”


The Rant Girl


I’m an Addict.

Yes, you read that right.

ad·dict:  a person who is addicted to an activity, habit, or substance

Hello beautiful people of the interwebs! My name is … and I’m addicted to my bed. Well actually that would be a partial lie because I’m addicted to more than my bed. Ever since I got my new computer there has not been a day that I haven’t used it. It has come to my attention that I am in fact addicted to laziness.

This past week has been a bit rough to say the least. Unfortunately, I was feeling a bit sick and kind of out of it. I stayed home from school for 2 days and I spent my time either sleeping or on my laptop. Of course I’m glad I was able to take a break and relax from school, but it also made me realize that sometimes I can’t take my eyes off of my computer.

Last week I started a new show on Netflix and somehow it has become my mission to finish all 5 seasons in the span of 2 weeks. Why do I do this, I have no idea. Not only was I not getting out of bed this week, I also forgot about my responsibilities. To be honest I felt a sense of writer’s block. Sometimes just thinking about writing a blogpost made me feel stressed out. I would push aside my homework and brainstorming for blog posts, and instead I would log on to Netflix.

Today though I realized that I need to stop being so lazy and get some work done. I think the solution to my writer’s block was being able to recognize that I shouldn’t push myself to write. When the time comes, the words will flow out of me and onto the screen in front of me.

Okay now back to my unhealthy computer addiction.

Or my laziness addiction.

Or my Netflix addiction.

So, basically my reason for writing this was to come to terms that I do in fact have an addiction. Lots of addictions happen without us being aware of them. Being able to recognize that I have an unreasonable obsession with Netflix was the first step toward recovery. I mean once you really think about all the things that life has to offer, it puts your mind in this perspective that you do only have one life and you need to make the most of it.

Anyways I hope that you have an amazing weekend and live your life to the fullest!

The Rant Girl

An Abundance of Sweets.

Hi, everyone! This is a probably the exact place I should’nt be right now considering I have a chemistry exam tomorrow, but oh well.

So how’s your week been? It sounds weird to say that on a Monday but its feels like a Sunday to me. Thankfully I have no school today because its Presidents Day! I would like to thank the many past presidents for allowing me to sleep in bed till noon on a glorious Monday.

Anyways, my week has been filled with sweets and an unexpected visit to the carnival. On Tuesday my friend Karen and I decided to be each others valentines, solely for the reason that both of us wanted candy. And also because Valentines day is a day of love, whether it be for your boyfriend or girlfriend, parents, or just your friend.

The rest of the week was pretty uneventful unless you count the thousands of calories I ate from all the valentines candy. Every school day was practically the same thing. I went home to study, procrastinate, and attempt to do my HW.

On Friday though, I started a new series called Scandal.


It. is. amazing.

I spent the rest of my weekend lying n bed watching Scandal and munching on some buttery popcorn. It wasn’t until yesterday at around 6 pm where my mother dragged me out of bed to go to the carnival with my sister. I wasn’t too happy about it, but I went along anyways. As much as I love my little sister I knew that I would be a little bored without a friend, so I called Karen. We met with some of our other friends at the carnival and laughed the night away. It was so much fun! I don’t think I’ve had a night as free and let loose since the school year started again.


I completely forgot that today I officially start my new volunteering position at the hospital!

The struggle to get to this point was real, let me tell you. So before they allow you to start working, they require that you get the Tuberculosis skin test on each arm. It’s basically to check if you have tuberculosis and that you won’t be a harm to any of the patients at the hospital. The problem with the shots is that you need to get one first and then come back 2-3 days later and take the other shot. Once I got the second shot I was supposed to go back to the hospital 2-3 days later. Unfortunately my mom got out of work late and couldn’t take me. When I went in 4 days after, they told me I would have to get another shot because after 2-3 days the shot is invalid.

I was so annoyed.

So then I had to wait another week and here I am. Finally I get to work in the hospital! It was a good weekend and I’m sad that its over. But I really do need to get back to studying now. So goodbye and farewell 🙂

I’ll see you guys soon,

The Rant Girl


The 2016/2017 Tag!


Hello wonderful people of the interwebs!

Today I’m back with another tag! Of course, you guys know the drill. A very huge thank you to the wonderful person who tagged me, ES Ordinary over at Waves of Awesomeness. Honestly her blog is truly amazing. Filled with so many beautiful pieces of poetry, I’m left speechless every time I read one. Please if you aren’t already following her blog, go check it out! And another thank you to the creator of this tag The Guy Who Always Said No 🙂

 Rules for this tag:

1. Mention Creator of tag

2. Use the image in the article

3. Mention blogger(s) who have chosen you

4. Answer the questions

5. Tag 9 other bloggers & let them know


1. Describe your 2016 in 3 words

Monumental , Experimental, and Emotional-rollercoaster

2. Write the names of 2 people that have characterized your 2016.

One of my best friends, Karen and my dad.

3. Write the most beautiful place you’ve visited in 2016 and why you liked it so much.

This summer for my birthday, I was lucky enough to go to Hawaii. We spent 3 days in Honolulu and the next 7 days on a cruise that visited the different islands of Hawaii. Being able to experience such an amazing culture and landscape was a dream. Everywhere we went the views were unlike any other place I had ever seen. We went to black sand beaches, zip lining through the forest, hiking up mountains. It was definitely a great experience and I hope that I can go back soon. Wait! I almost forgot that I visited Boston in the fall of 2016. It is beyond words. My dream college happens to be in that city and visiting was incredible.

4. Write the most delicious food you’ve tasted in 2016.

If I’m going to be completely honest I am probably one of the most pickiest eaters ever. I’m not very adventurous with my food but this year I finally ate an Acai bowl and its so good! If you haven’t had one yet, I definitely recommend you go out and try it.

5. Write the event which has marked you more of this in 2016?

I think being able to see and visit my dream college. Before if had always been just a dream but now it’s more than. It’s a plan that I will work each and everyday for and never give up on.

6. Write the finest purchase you’ve made in this 2016, and if you want to link a photo.

For Christmas my parents got me the MacBook Pro and it has changed my life is so many ways. Without this laptop I probably never would have started this blog, which is crazy to think about. Before this computer I had another one but it was filled with all sorts of problems and I rarely ever used it. So I’am extremely grateful to my parents for this computer.

7. Write 3 good intentions for this 2017.

  1. Work harder than I ever have in school
  2. Make new friends
  3. explore the world

8. Write 1 place you want to visit in 2017.


9. Write 1 plate/food you want to eat in 2017

Again I am not very adventurous with my food so I have absolutely no idea 🙂

I tag….

Everyone who has yet to do this tag! I had loads of fun answering these questions and I’m positive you will too! 🙂

I hope you enjoyed,

The Rant Girl





Is that what success is?

Is it the ability to be the best?

To ignore our stress.

To ace that test.

You see the world believes that,


is the ability to kill the rest.

To be the one student accepted into college.

To be the one student bursting with knowledge.

To be the one student who is always flawless.

We’re put through a series of standardized tests,

To measure our worth and put us on another quest

But it’s all the same




I don’t know the answer, so I’ve guessed

I’ve been pressed by everybody and now I’m depressed

“Let’s protest!” we say

“No, give it a rest” they say

“I guess it was to insane to suggest”

But is it really?

To believe in something so silly?

For one day, to live in a world where were not put up against each other

Focusing on ourselves,

instead of watching one another.

Schools were built on the foundation of formation,

Not with the ability of creation,

But with the ideals of our nation.

“I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of UNFAIRNESS”

It’s time for us to believe that change is inevitable.

Everyone always says that life is like a series of doors.

When you close one door,

Another one opens.

So it’s okay to close some doors.

its doesn’t mean that your journey had ended,

it just means that they no longer have a purpose.

It’s time for us to stop defining success by a series of tests.

To no longer be afraid of failure.

Because guess what?

Failure is not forever.

Yesterday ended last night and today started this morning.


Hey guys! So this is my first attempt at a spoken word poetry. I’am a bit nervous because originally this project was only meant to be read and heard by me. And now I get to release it into the world, where everyones eyes are critics. I really do hope you enjoy it:)


The Rant Girl


The Blue Sky Tag

Hey people of the interwebs!

I’m back today with another tag! Thank you as always to the person who tagged me to do this, the wonderful Aqsa, who never fails to brighten my day when she comments on my blog posts! But guys seriously she is one of the nicest people you will meet in the blogging community so please don’t forget to check out her blog!


  • Give them 11 questions to answer.
  • Tag 11 people.
  • Answer their 11 questions.
  • Thank the person who nominated you.

My Questions from Aqsa:

  • Lyrics or music?

Lyrics because I get to sing along even though I can’t sing to save my life 😉

  • What are the top 3 best books that you have read?

Okay so this is a little hard because I’ve read a lot of books that I love. So instead I’ll do my top 3 books of 2016. So my first one is the Mistborn trilogy by Brandon Sanderson. OMG if you have not read this yet you need to go read it. Its amazing and and so different then anything I’ve ever read. My next favorite is Frozen tides which is the fourth book in the Falling Kingdoms series by Morgan Rhodes. I love this series because not only is it full of drama and adventure but it also has fantasy elements. Lastly my favorite book of 2016 has to be It Ends with Us by Colleen Hoover. I don’t even have any words to describe how incredible this book is.

  • What’s your favourite song currently?

Say you won’t let go- James Arthur

  • If you were to be able to travel endlessly for one week, where would you go?

Australia and New Zealand

  • What are your hobbies?

Pretending I can sing, marathoning Netflix series, cuddling with my dog, reading books, dancing, and of course blogging!

  • What is your favourite season, and why?

I would have to say Fall / Autumn because of the beautiful shades of colors and the temperature as well is not too cold, but also not too hot.

  • What/who is your inspiration to blog?

You guys. The blogging community. I started this blog because I wanted to document my life as well as make new friends and discover something new and exciting. But it’s to the readers and friends who actually take the time to read my blog, that I am inspired by.

  • If you had just three wishes, what would you wish for?

The ability to time travel. Equality rights for all. And as cliche as it sounds world peace.

  • What is one thing you want to accomplish in your lifetime?

I want to be able to look back on my life and think to myself that I lived. That I didn’t wait until the opportunity arrived. Instead I took life by storm and set my dreams high.

  • What’s your favourite genre to read?

It depends what type of mood I’m in, but I think my all time favorites have been fantasy.

  • What do you think your final or last words would be?

What a life.

I nominate…..

Waves of Awesomeness

April Dreams

Utterly Us


The Inquisitive Writer

Blogging Sunsets


Mimi Hope


The Indian Avaaz

Dariana Mia

Congrats! Here are my questions for the nominees:

  1. What is one of your favorite TV shows?
  2. Cat or dog person?
  3. Favorite book of 2016?
  4. What is 1 thing you want to do before you die?
  5. What is your ideal vacation?
  6. What is the best advice you have ever received?
  7. What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
  8. What is your spirit animal?
  9. Do you have any regrets in life?
  10. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  11. What is something your bad at?

Hope you guys enjoyed and I can’t wait to see your answers!

The Rant Girl

Late nights and Dance parties.

Hey everyone! So boy has this week been a bit hectic. Its basically been me trying to get my life together. Somewhere between the end of winter break and right now, it’s like school and my extracurriculars have broken me into tiny little pieces. Not necessarily in a bad or sad way but more of like I’m trying to find the exit out of a maze way.

Sometimes it feels as if my life is just a series of tests. I had a AP world history test yesterday and I have a Pre-calculus test today that I know is going to be extremely hard. Honestly it’s amazing how much information my brain can store. But it also stores the randomest things ever.

(And yes I know randomest is not a word, but we’ll just pretend it is)

For example: I know all the lyrics to a song from 2010 but I can’t even remember a single math equation.

At school you’ll probably catch me singing a song from the early 2000s. I don’t know why but the recent music on the radio just doesn’t make me as happy as throwback songs. Play a song by bands like maroon 5 and I’m a goner.

So all this studying for my exams has resulted in many late nights. Trying to stay up late to study for a test is a bit challenging but with the right steps you can become a pro.

I think the most important thing to do while your studying is to take breaks. You need to be able to give yourself and your brain a quick rest.


Yes, you read that right. Having dance parties in my room while studying is the key to staying awake. Take a cup of coffee, turn up your speaker (but not too loud that your family complains) and dance like nobody’s watching.

Actual representation of me:jltomwymi0vro

I think by the time you’ve had a nice cup of coffee and a few dance parties (A LOT), you’ll be jumping of the walls for the rest of the night.

The worst part about late night studying though, is having to wake up in the morning. It takes my mom about 15 minutes to try to get me out of bed. And let me just say that I am not a morning person AT ALL.

My mornings consist of me looking and felling like a zombie for the rest of the day. I try my best to not look like a zombie, but what can you do? I’m so lazy in the morning that most of the time I don’t even brush my hair.

Anyways I hope that all of you have an amazing weekend and dance until your completely out of breath. Honestly dancing is the solution to all my problems.

And food of course.

See you soon,

The Rant girl