Tuesdays aren’t just for tacos..

Hey Guys!

It feels amazing to be here, on your screen, telling you about some very exciting news. In a few weeks (2-3ish) sophomore year of high school will finally be over and that means no more tests or homework! No, but really it means that I have the whole summer to plan and make really cool blog posts.

As my schedule is finally starting to clear up, I thought it was about time that I started to blog more regularly and dedicate more time to this blog. And with that being said, one of the first traditions I want to start on my blog is TIDU-Tuesdays. TIDU stands for Things I Don’t Understand because believe me, there are a lot of things in this world that I don’t understand.

Every week I will touch on a different subject or topic and basically give you my thoughts and feelings. I also want to have discussions in the comment section down below, so if you have any suggestions on a topic you want me to approach or just want to discuss the post, please don’t be afraid to comment. I promise I’m really nice and I’ll try my best to answer back to all the comments left. ❀

Yes, I know this is a short post but you just wait, its only the beginning!

Side note: I been in a really longggg reading slump lately and I need suggestions please! I’m really desperate to read a freaking amazing book that makes me cry, and scream, and laugh, and you get the point πŸ˜‰

Best of wishes,

The Rant Girl x



11 thoughts on “Tuesdays aren’t just for tacos..

  1. This sounds awesome! I’m hella stoked! Also I recommend reading Valley of the Dolls- it’s literally every emotion ever and I love it aha it’s a pretty long read tho just a warning aha

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  2. Can you do a post about how you understand how people can think they’re better than others? (If you agree) because I can never understand why people think that? Like, what makes you so much better than the next person? Nothing. So why do people act like they are on another level?

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