Acts of Violence -TIDU #1

How can things like this happen?

My gut is wrenching, my heart is breaking, and my fear is rising.

When are we ever going to feel safe again?

Hey, beautiful people of the internet. I didn’t think I would see you until my next blog post in a few days, but in times like these, there is no plan on what to do. As some of you may know, if you read my last blog post, I talked about a new tradition I wanted to start on my blog called TIDU which stands for Things I Don’t Understand. My plan was to start it next week but under the circumstances that have taken place in the last few hours, I think it would be a great idea for me to talk about the recent event in Manchester and my feelings on terrorist attacks and violence in the world.

With that being said, this week’s TIDU will be a very sad one, so stay with me in this time of need, as we pray for the people in Manchester and the victims of terrorist attacks.

I Don’t Understand the need for violence. When did people start to think that it’s okay to practice acts of violence? When did people start forgetting that we’re all just human beings, before anything else? Because when you take away your gender, or religion, or the color of your skin, you are left with a human being. All equipped with a heart to love whomever, a brain to imagine and create, and a body to experience this amazing life that we are given.

All of the violence and hatred in the world is sickening. When I was younger, our emergency drills consisted of fire drills, earthquake drills, and tornado drills. But kids of today’s society are put through shooter drills. The fact that things such as a shooter coming into a safe place for children is terrifying.

I don’t know why people ever resort to violence. What I do know is that the people who commit acts of violence, do not represent other people. For example, a muslim who commits an act of terrorism is a terrorist. Does that make all muslims terrorists? No. We need to stop categorizing people into groups, and start loving each other. In times like these, we need to come together as a whole.

I wish for a world in where everybody is equal and pain is nonexistent. Where people can dress however they like, love whomever they like, or practice their own set of morals and religion, without discrimination. No two people in the world are alike. It’s an idea that has always stuck with me and kept me fascinated at the same time.


It’s what I’d like to think we do best. We need to take all the love we can offer and send it to the people who are victims of violence. The judgement needs to stop and the loving needs to conquer.


All my love,

The Rant Girl x



28 thoughts on “Acts of Violence -TIDU #1

  1. What happened in Manchester is so sad. I agree, I really don’t understand why people think violence is the right thing to do, or that it’s how you solve problems. I hope that future generations will be smarter and know that peace is always a better alternative than violence. ❤

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  2. Well said. I hate this world and it’s sudden frequent events of violence and tragedy. It’s almost like we’re not safe anywhere you know? Where can we go? Those teenagers and kids and adults just wanted to have a good time, spend time with their favorite pop star and enjoy their music. They didn’t ask for what happened.

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    • Couldn’t have said it better. I just want to stop feeling so anxious wherever I go. Just thinking about how these acts of violence could happen anywhere makes me feel a mix of emotions. Fear is the overpowering one but there’s also anger at the people who think violence is the answer.


      • Exactly, I hate walking to school, heading into my city centre, going into a movie, going anywhere with a high majority of people and always having ‘What if?’ in the back of my mind. I’ve actually been hesitating to do things and go places, I still go, but that hesitation is there and it’s scary. Does this mean the people behind all these attacks are finally getting what they want?

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      • I hope not. But I find myself being extra careful on where I go and locked up in my house out of fear. People say that we shouldn’t let their actions affect us and that we can’t let them steal our lives away, but I just can’t stop thinking that it could happen to me.

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  3. You wrote this so eloquently that it really struck me. It has been such a terrible time but the unity and love that has risen from it is just unparalleled and it blows my mind. I really like this idea as a series too, nice to see something different on my reader xx

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  4. I feel that we, the next generation of the world need to stand together arm in arm and truly remember those powerful and absolutely amazingly written words in your post, “the judgement needs to stop and the loving needs to conquer” also that violence is never the way and that if you aren’t feeling right you need to speak up instead of act out – peace and love are what unites us not this, (well this has in the wrong way) #prayformanchester and hope that we can make a difference 💗

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  5. “Because when you take away your gender or religion, or the colour of your skin, you are left with a human being” beautifully written and absolutely true, we are all part of the human race, the hate and suffering breaks my heart everyday✨💛

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  6. This so true. What happened in Manchester is devastating, and the way you wrote it really struck me. I don’t understand the need for violence either, but I feel like what the majority of the population who doesn’t agree with what is going on, just need to stick together. Thanks for the post :).

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