I’m back?

Hey YOU!

Yes, you. I can’t begin to even say how thankful I am for you. The you who is taking the time to read this even though I’ve been gone for like a century (exaggeration much?). Yeah maybe it hasn’t been THAT long, but it sure felt like it.

Okay, but really today I want to update you guys on my life, how it’s been, and where it’s going. So to start off, I just want to express to you guys how happy and overjoyed I am now that AP exams are finally over! To be fair I still have finals for a few of my classes, though I think for the most part they are going to be super easy. I’m getting off track now… Okay right, so now that exams are partially over, I’m going to try to dedicate more time to this blog. Or at least I plan to do that in the summer, where all my worries will hopefully go away.

These next few weeks are going to be a little hectic considering my sister is graduating from high school and we have a whole bunch of graduation plans to attend. I’m also going to try my best and do like little updates on the parties or the trips I take this summer. Recently I’ve also been into photography and making videos of the places I travel to so if you guys want to see that as well, let me know!

In July, I’m turning 16 years old! That’s extremely crazy to even think about. It seems like only yesterday I was graduating from elementary school and learning my multiplication tables. Since a lot of my friends are usually traveling or busy during the summer season, I like to celebrate my birthday early in June, which is in about three weeks, so that is also exciting to think about.

With the end of this school year, I relinquish my freedom, for next year is going to be a crazy ride. They say that junior year in High School is the hardest of them all. With my course load to think about, I’m already stressing about next school year. I think it’s best if I start taking Yoga and invest in a good “How to live a stress-free life” book because boy, am I going to need it!

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed this update and comment down below what you guys have planned for the summer. I would love to know!

Best of wishes,

The Rant Girl x



8 thoughts on “I’m back?

  1. Well… I have nothing planned… because for me it’s the middle of winter and half yearly A are in a week. But I’m so glad you’re back!

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  2. Well I’m planning to a kitten in the summer so that’s great! I’m so excitedπŸŽ‰The kitten will probably take up most of my summer, I’ll obviously be doing some things like days out with family, friends…but I’ll probably be a cat lady for the summerπŸ˜‚

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