Acts of Violence -TIDU #1

How can things like this happen?

My gut is wrenching, my heart is breaking, and my fear is rising.

When are we ever going to feel safe again?

Hey, beautiful people of the internet. I didn’t think I would see you until my next blog post in a few days, but in times like these, there is no plan on what to do. As some of you may know, if you read my last blog post, I talked about a new tradition I wanted to start on my blog called TIDU which stands for Things I Don’t Understand. My plan was to start it next week but under the circumstances that have taken place in the last few hours, I think it would be a great idea for me to talk about the recent event in Manchester and my feelings on terrorist attacks and violence in the world.

With that being said, this week’s TIDU will be a very sad one, so stay with me in this time of need, as we pray for the people in Manchester and the victims of terrorist attacks.

I Don’t Understand the need for violence. When did people start to think that it’s okay to practice acts of violence? When did people start forgetting that we’re all just human beings, before anything else? Because when you take away your gender, or religion, or the color of your skin, you are left with a human being. All equipped with a heart to love whomever, a brain to imagine and create, and a body to experience this amazing life that we are given.

All of the violence and hatred in the world is sickening. When I was younger, our emergency drills consisted of fire drills, earthquake drills, and tornado drills. But kids of today’s society are put through shooter drills. The fact that things such as a shooter coming into a safe place for children is terrifying.

I don’t know why people ever resort to violence. What I do know is that the people who commit acts of violence, do not represent other people. For example, a muslim who commits an act of terrorism is a terrorist. Does that make all muslims terrorists? No. We need to stop categorizing people into groups, and start loving each other. In times like these, we need to come together as a whole.

I wish for a world in where everybody is equal and pain is nonexistent. Where people can dress however they like, love whomever they like, or practice their own set of morals and religion, without discrimination. No two people in the world are alike. It’s an idea that has always stuck with me and kept me fascinated at the same time.


It’s what I’d like to think we do best. We need to take all the love we can offer and send it to the people who are victims of violence. The judgement needs to stop and the loving needs to conquer.


All my love,

The Rant Girl x



Tuesdays aren’t just for tacos..

Hey Guys!

It feels amazing to be here, on your screen, telling you about some very exciting news. In a few weeks (2-3ish) sophomore year of high school will finally be over and that means no more tests or homework! No, but really it means that I have the whole summer to plan and make really cool blog posts.

As my schedule is finally starting to clear up, I thought it was about time that I started to blog more regularly and dedicate more time to this blog. And with that being said, one of the first traditions I want to start on my blog is TIDU-Tuesdays. TIDU stands for Things I Don’t Understand because believe me, there are a lot of things in this world that I don’t understand.

Every week I will touch on a different subject or topic and basically give you my thoughts and feelings. I also want to have discussions in the comment section down below, so if you have any suggestions on a topic you want me to approach or just want to discuss the post, please don’t be afraid to comment. I promise I’m really nice and I’ll try my best to answer back to all the comments left. ❀

Yes, I know this is a short post but you just wait, its only the beginning!

Side note: I been in a really longggg reading slump lately and I need suggestions please! I’m really desperate to read a freaking amazing book that makes me cry, and scream, and laugh, and you get the point πŸ˜‰

Best of wishes,

The Rant Girl x



Hey guys!

I’m back today to talk about something that has been on my mind lately. So recently I’ve been really into starting new shows but never actually finishing them until like a few months later. It’s weird, I know but there always seems to be a scene or episode that gets me so frustrated that it takes me forever to get back into the series. That being said, even if it takes me 5 years to finish a show, I do not want to know the ending.



There’s always that one person who thinks it there life’s mission to tell me all the plot twists and turns of the series. I will admit that there have been a few occasions where I have done this but I try my very best to not do that anymore. It’s in the past people.

Now, I just want to know why people think that this is acceptable. I think I speak for most of us when I say that the ending of a series is something I like to experience on my own. Have you ever had that one person who kind of indirectly tells you? Like they give you this look and I just hate it.Β The satisfaction of being surprised and not knowing what’s about to happen is so good. When somebody takes that away from me, it just kind of ruins the show. It’s like, what is the point of even watching the episode if you already know what’s coming?

Expanding on this topic, can we just talk about movie trailers now a days as well? I just don’t understand why people are basically showing the ENTIRE movie during a trailer. The trailer is supposed to be a little sneak peak that has you guessing and wondering about the movie. But what happens when the trailer not only includes the beginning of a story, but also basically includes the end? I don’t want to know the end of the movie, cause again what’s the point of even seeing the movie then? If you’re just going to spoil the whole movie, I guess it’s best if I just wait until it comes out online and watch it at home, without having to pay for really expensive movie tickets that cost about $11.

A perfect example of this movie trailer failure is Everything, Everything. So before we talk about everything wrong about the trailer, I just want to say that I absolutely LOVED this book and highly enjoyed reading it. When I heard that it was being made into a movie, I was so excited.



It was cute and adorable but immediately I saw how much it spoiled the whole plot of the book. I just don’t think it’s fair to show the end parts of the book in the trailer. The whole appeal of a trailer is to get people so interested on what can happen, that they want to go see the movie.

To further expand on this, lets talk about books. I love books, you know? Honestly your kind of crazy if you don’t. But people, please do not tell me that “OMG that book has the most amazing twist, you’ll never see it coming!” UM…Yes I will, thanks to you for telling me it was coming. Now I know that you didn’t tell me specifically what was going to happen or anything like that, but telling me there’s a twist in the book just makes me extremely frustrated.


What also makes me angry is that on some books, the blurbs will even say “There’s a twist and it was so unexpected!” Why is this written on a book? The author probably worked super hard to create a twist and now they’re just going to spoil it?Β Okay, so I really want to start a revolution here. Can we all just agree that if your writing or talking about a book, please do not mention there’s a twist.

Anyways, I hoped you guys enjoyed this rant about spoilers and if any of you guys feel the same or have something else to say, comment down below. I’m just dying to know how you guys feel on this subject, all your little your thoughts and opinions.

Best of wishes,

The Rant Girl x

I’m back?

Hey YOU!

Yes, you. I can’t begin to even say how thankful I am for you. The you who is taking the time to read this even though I’ve been gone for like a century (exaggeration much?). Yeah maybe it hasn’t been THAT long, but it sure felt like it.

Okay, but really today I want to update you guys on my life, how it’s been, and where it’s going. So to start off, I just want to express to you guys how happy and overjoyed I am now that AP exams are finally over! To be fair I still have finals for a few of my classes, though I think for the most part they are going to be super easy. I’m getting off track now… Okay right, so now that exams are partially over, I’m going to try to dedicate more time to this blog. Or at least I plan to do that in the summer, where all my worries will hopefully go away.

These next few weeks are going to be a little hectic considering my sister is graduating from high school and we have a whole bunch of graduation plans to attend. I’m also going to try my best and do like little updates on the parties or the trips I take this summer. Recently I’ve also been into photography and making videos of the places I travel to so if you guys want to see that as well, let me know!

In July, I’m turning 16 years old! That’s extremely crazy to even think about. It seems like only yesterday I was graduating from elementary school and learning my multiplication tables. Since a lot of my friends are usually traveling or busy during the summer season, I like to celebrate my birthday early in June, which is in about three weeks, so that is also exciting to think about.

With the end of this school year, I relinquish my freedom, for next year is going to be a crazy ride. They say that junior year in High School is the hardest of them all. With my course load to think about, I’m already stressing about next school year. I think it’s best if I start taking Yoga and invest in a good “How to live a stress-free life” book because boy, am I going to need it!

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed this update and comment down below what you guys have planned for the summer. I would love to know!

Best of wishes,

The Rant Girl x


I’m horrible.

Yes, I already know what most of you are thinking.

Or what most of you are going to say to me, but honestly it’s how I’m feeling right now.

Okay so that definitely sounded way too exaggerated and angsty teenager feelings are treating to spill out any moment. I’m gonna explain what I mean now, so before you get a chance to even guess what I’m about to say, just listen.

I’m shit at taking care of my blog. It’s true so don’t even say it isn’t. Maybe its the fact that I have absolutely no time to think or breathe because of school. Or maybe it’s the fact that I’m being swallowed alive by this thing called life. Whatever it is, it makes me forgot about the responsibilities that come with having a blog. I want so bad for this school year to be over already and to finally have a long break away from society. All I want to do is spend hours away creating new blog posts and brainstorming ideas.

Yah, I know high school is also only 4 years of your life, but for a teenager it feels like an eternity. Summer break could not come soon enough. I’m extremely ready to spend my days by the pool reading books and drawing little doodles to pass the time.

Anyways, aside from the normal complaints about how I’m drowning in homework, this week and next week is AP Exams week. These exams are probably one of the most important and hardest tests because they have a strong college curriculum. This year I took 2 AP classes, AP Spanish language and AP World History. With these types of tests, it’s required that students study their butts off to not only pass but get a high score as well. Today I had my Spanish AP test and it surprisingly went by very well and easy. It could be the fact that I’m somewhat fluent in Spanish…Next week I have the world test and I cannot tell you how scared I am.

NOW I really gotta blast and go study until my eyes give in.

Sorry again for such a small update ❀

The Rant Girl x