13 Reasons Why.

Hey Guys!

So recently Netflix released a show called 13 Reasons Why, based off the book by Jay Asher. Right from the moment I heard that it was in production, I knew that the live interpretation of the book was going to be extremely raw and impactful to not only teens, but also adults.

The story follows a girl named Hannah Baker, who has gone through many traumatic experiences and feels like suicide is her only option. She leaves a set of 13 tapes about the reasons why she decided to commit suicide. Each tape is assigned to one person who bullied or abused Hannah in a way that made her feel more like an object than a human being. As the tapes are passed along through the people, each one of their stories are shared with the viewers and we also get to see how it affects them. If you want a more detailed synopsis I’m going to leave a link to one right here.

I first read the book 13 Reasons Why about four years ago when I was about 11-12. Every page, every word, and every character changed my life in ways I never would have imagined. Jay Asher’s story was meant to be told, watched, or read by so many people. It highlights many important themes such as bullying, sexual abuse, and the consequences that actions may have on people.

So today I want to tell you 6 reasons why you should either read the book, watch the show, or do both. I wanted to tell you 13 reasons why, but if I did that then this post would be never ending.


1. Awareness

By bringing the book to life, the producers wanted to create a sense of awareness surrounding such a dark topic. Suicide is not a topic that many people are very comfortable talking about and I think that we as a society need to confront it.

2. Realness

Both the show and the book don’t shy away from the real stuff that happens in school’s everyday. Whilst watching the show, there was never a moment in which I felt like “oh this would never happen”.

 3. It’s not just “High-school drama” its real drama that happens to high schoolers.

Nothing about the drama ever felt superficial or unnecessary. It wasn’t just about if “he liked her” but about the type of bullying that kids go through today.

  4. Ugly truth

This goes specifically for the show and the way they filmed each and every scene. They didn’t want you to just hear about what happened to Hannah, they wanted you to really feel what it would be like. They take you through every hard moment she faces and show you the ugly truth even if it is uncomfortable.

5. Consequences

By watching the show, I hope that more people are realizing just how important every little thing you say to someone really is. Anything and everything you do will always have a consequence. Please never forget that.

6. Learning experience

Again the main purpose of this book is to reiterate that your not always going to know what’s going on in someone’s life. Nothing should justify bullying or sexual abuse and things like these should not go unnoticed or unpunished.

I truly hope that you enjoyed this and you decide to give 13 Reasons Why a chance.


The Rant Girl x


16 thoughts on “13 Reasons Why.

  1. I literally just wrote up my own post about 13 Reasons Why, as I finished the season today, and am now almost numb of emotion after what I have seen. I agree on everything you said, and I really want to put emphasis on how she hinted and even basically asked for help, and the school continued to do nothing.

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    • I think that a lot of things could have affected her decision to do what she did. I think a lot of what happened is really all a learning lesson about what you should do if this ever happened. I also think that by the time she went to the school, it was already too late. She wasn’t the same girl from before and the guidance she got wasn’t enough at that moment. It’s kind of hard to point fingers at who really was at fault but the lesson of the story was to bring awareness on this topic.

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