Breakups Suck.

Hey guys! Long time no see….

I’m so sorry that it’s been a week since my last blog post, but as any teenager could tell you school basically takes over your life.

So, as you can tell from the title, today I wanted to talk about breakups. Which is kind of ironic seeing as I’ve never been in a relationship. But I’d like to think that after watching so many romantic comedies and seeing people close to me go through breakups, I have some bit of knowledge.

Okay to start off I just want to say that every relationship is different. Not everything is always going to be black and white. This is what I have gathered from my sisters relationship with her now ex-boyfriend. As I’m writing this, my sisters broken heart has yet to be healed.

Tears stained on pillowcases, Beyonce’s “If I were a boy” blaring throughout the household. That’s pretty much how my sister has chosen to spend her weekend. No matter how much we tell her that she’s worth so much more and the whole world has yet to be discovered, she refuses to listen to us. Hopefully she’ll be able to understand one dayΒ that love always comes with a price.

Breakups are somewhat of a right of passage. Most people will go through it. Learning how to get through a breakup is important. Unfortunately your handed the job of trying to stitch your heart back to the way it used to be. After that, the cycle continues and continues until it doesn’t anymore. You just need to remember that pain is temporary and you will get through it.

The process is completely different for everyone. In your time of need though, I recommend that you have someone who is willing to help you get through it. Any words of encouragement can make a huge difference.

There is only one way to go now.


All of the apologies and things left unsaid will try to distract you from the truth. If both of you are meant to be, you’ll eventually find your way back to each other. For now you have to worry about you and how you can fix yourself, before another attempt at a relationship.

“You never know how strong you are, until being strong is your only choice.”

  • Bob Marley

I hope you guys enjoyed and never forget that breakups are not the end of the world,

The Rant Girl


49 thoughts on “Breakups Suck.

  1. Great post… even though I’ve never been in a proper relationship (i have a confusing story) I totally love this post and believe it should be spread far and wide because i can relate with when my sister went through her first break up. Man it was hard

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  2. Hey! I loved this post and even though I also have never been in a relationship I feel like you got everything right! Anyways, I’ve nominated you for The Blue Sky Tag!! You can find all the info in my latest post!!!

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  3. I really like that you presented break ups as a right of passage. I found this to be true for myself after my first break up as a teenager. Even now in my twenties, I still see my break ups as moments of empowerment. Thank you for a thought provoking post!

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  4. Hi!! I just found your blog, and this is the first post of yours I came by. I hope your sister is ok, I had to go through something like this with one of my friends. There’s not much we can do, despite telling them the truth – they are worth more than that. β™‘

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  5. Hello.. honestly i have never been in a relationship and i dont plan to for a while. but anyway i liked this post a lot and right now one of my friends is also suffering from one of the many after effects of a break up and i have shown this post to her and she like it.

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  6. The most sob moment is when someone donot accept their love….but more than that is breakup…Breakup hurts feelings…..and always reminds them about their love….even I am a teen I too proposed a girl…but she advised me teenage is not the age of love,,,,its an infatuation…..She showed me a true way of living life……even ur sister will find a way only if she decide!! make ur sister to remind her memorable moments before when she fell in love…..prove her losing her boyfriend is not the end of life,,,,,her tears shows that how much she loves him!!!

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