Is that what success is?

Is it the ability to be the best?

To ignore our stress.

To ace that test.

You see the world believes that,


is the ability to kill the rest.

To be the one student accepted into college.

To be the one student bursting with knowledge.

To be the one student who is always flawless.

We’re put through a series of standardized tests,

To measure our worth and put us on another quest

But it’s all the same




I don’t know the answer, so I’ve guessed

I’ve been pressed by everybody and now I’m depressed

“Let’s protest!” we say

“No, give it a rest” they say

“I guess it was to insane to suggest”

But is it really?

To believe in something so silly?

For one day, to live in a world where were not put up against each other

Focusing on ourselves,

instead of watching one another.

Schools were built on the foundation of formation,

Not with the ability of creation,

But with the ideals of our nation.

“I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of UNFAIRNESS”

It’s time for us to believe that change is inevitable.

Everyone always says that life is like a series of doors.

When you close one door,

Another one opens.

So it’s okay to close some doors.

its doesn’t mean that your journey had ended,

it just means that they no longer have a purpose.

It’s time for us to stop defining success by a series of tests.

To no longer be afraid of failure.

Because guess what?

Failure is not forever.

Yesterday ended last night and today started this morning.


Hey guys! So this is my first attempt at a spoken word poetry. I’am a bit nervous because originally this project was only meant to be read and heard by me. And now I get to release it into the world, where everyones eyes are critics. I really do hope you enjoy it:)


The Rant Girl



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