Late nights and Dance parties.

Hey everyone! So boy has this week been a bit hectic. Its basically been me trying to get my life together. Somewhere between the end of winter break and right now, it’s like school and my extracurriculars have broken me into tiny little pieces. Not necessarily in a bad or sad way but more of like I’m trying to find the exit out of a maze way.

Sometimes it feels as if my life is just a series of tests. I had a AP world history test yesterday and I have a Pre-calculus test today that I know is going to be extremely hard. Honestly it’s amazing how much information my brain can store. But it also stores the randomest things ever.

(And yes I know randomest is not a word, but we’ll just pretend it is)

For example: I know all the lyrics to a song from 2010 but I can’t even remember a single math equation.

At school you’ll probably catch me singing a song from the early 2000s. I don’t know why but the recent music on the radio just doesn’t make me as happy as throwback songs. Play a song by bands like maroon 5 and I’m a goner.

So all this studying for my exams has resulted in many late nights. Trying to stay up late to study for a test is a bit challenging but with the right steps you can become a pro.

I think the most important thing to do while your studying is to take breaks. You need to be able to give yourself and your brain a quick rest.


Yes, you read that right. Having dance parties in my room while studying is the key to staying awake. Take a cup of coffee, turn up your speaker (but not too loud that your family complains) and dance like nobody’s watching.

Actual representation of me:jltomwymi0vro

I think by the time you’ve had a nice cup of coffee and a few dance parties (A LOT), you’ll be jumping of the walls for the rest of the night.

The worst part about late night studying though, is having to wake up in the morning. It takes my mom about 15 minutes to try to get me out of bed. And let me just say that I am not a morning person AT ALL.

My mornings consist of me looking and felling like a zombie for the rest of the day. I try my best to not look like a zombie, but what can you do? I’m so lazy in the morning that most of the time I don’t even brush my hair.

Anyways I hope that all of you have an amazing weekend and dance until your completely out of breath. Honestly dancing is the solution to all my problems.

And food of course.

See you soon,

The Rant girl




8 thoughts on “Late nights and Dance parties.

  1. I really relate to you on that one. I slept at 1 am cause of washing dishes and doing schoolwork and all this week I’ve been sleeping at midnight cause of homework as well. It’s annoying πŸ™„. Great post btw 😊

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  2. this post is so relatable- I sing songs from the ’90’s but when it comes to algebra- *sighs* and i am in no way a morning person either. like honestly, how does just 5 more minutes turn into another hour? anyways, thanks for following April Dreams and I hope to see you in the comments!

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