The Ultimate Potterhead Tag!

Hello wonderful people of the interwebs! So if you didn’t know, this weekend the Universal Orlando resort in Florida is having a their annual celebration for Harry Potter. It takes place from January 27-29.

“It’s the only official event where you can celebrate your love for Harry Potter™ and discover more about the Wizarding World. Take part in film talent Q&A sessions, access special panels and demonstrations, and discover many more surprises.”

I’m so grateful to my cousins who invited me to this event knowing very well that I am obsessed with Harry Potter. So in honor of the celebration being held this week I wanted to do a Harry Potter tag. To the wonderful original creators of this tag The Stylish Dreamer and Mahriya, thank you for allowing me to do it. Please if your not already following them go check out their blogs! 🙂

Hogwarts Sorting Quiz:


Raven claw traits are intelligent, wise, sharp, witty, and individual. I think most of us are very intelligent and wise but what I like most about being a Ravenclaw is that were individual. For me this means that I can rely on myself before I choose to rely on someone else. They also are not afraid to speak their mind which I think I’m very much like that.

I like to keep it real people!


My Patronus:


So… I’m not really quite sure how I ended up being a little bird but hey its cute! Though I never would have imagined that there’s actually a bird called Kingfisher…

Ilvermorny Sorting Quiz:


So basically ilvermorny is like Hogwarts but in America. I’m actually really happy with my ilvermorny house! Being a panther grants you the ability to move around swiftly and run at tremendous speeds so thats interesting.

My Wand:


As the proper owner of this wand, apparently I’m destined for it ooooooooo! And also the owner of this wand is adventurous! Honestly, I’m in love with cities I’ve never seen and places I’ve never been.

Now for a series of Potterhead Questions:


  • Why are you a Potterhead?

Because everything about the Harry Potter world is so magical and nothing like I’ve ever seen before. It was the one of the first books that allowed me the chance to escape reality for a bit.

  • When did you begin reading Harry Potter?

I started the series in about 6th grade and finished it in about 3 weeks. Once I started reading, it sucked me into this world and I couldn’t be more grateful 🙂

  • What were your thoughts before you read HP and after? Compare them!

Before: I watched the movies early on when I was little and they were so breathtaking to me. I never considered reading them because I had seen the movies first but I always was a little intimidated by how big they were.

After: I was in tears. I mean you feel so connected to the characters, like your Harry’s best friend as well. You go through the happy and the sad moments and when you reach the end its like all those memories catch up to you.

  • Did you read the books first or the watch the movies?

I saw the movies first cause my older cousin was obsessed at the time and she would always play the movies when she used to baby sit me.

  • Have you watched all the movies?

OF COURSE I HAVE! I love all of them so much that I own all the DVD’S, so whenever I want to relieve HP I just pull out a DVD and watch!

  • What’s the most Potter-ish thing you’ve done?

Probably insisting to everyone I know that I don’t need school. What I need is my acceptance letter from Hogwarts.

“Mom I swear the letter is going to be here any day now.”

  • Your thoughts on Cursed Child?

It was definitely fun to get back in this world again but at the same time it felt weird to read it has a script. I also felt like some of the original characters weren’t being themselves.

  • Favorite character and why?

Mrs.Weasley! She’s hilarious in the books and in the movies. She has this scene in the last movie where she’s fighting Bellatrix Lestrange and IT’S SO GREAT!



  • Favorite house and why?

Gryffindor because its where we first we get to see Harry in his natural element and also all of their friends seem so loyal and fun to be around.

  • Favorite book and Favorite movie?
  • l0hlaiiwxctsuibdi

I don’t know, its way to hard to decide cause all of them are my favorite!

  • Favorite scene/chapter?


In the last book when everybody thinks Harry is dead but then he wakes up like qub8aayj9dnqi

  • Favorite HP quote?

“It’s wingardium leviOsa, not leviosAH.”

– J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

  • Saddest death?


Dobby my beautiful free little elf and Dumbledore 😦

  • A scene or thing you would’ve changed in the HP books

I don’t think I would change anything from the books but I would like a new series, like maybe about the ilvermorny school of magic and a new set of kids with different adventures!

  • Did you ever expect to get a letter from hogwarts?

YES OF COURSE! I’m still waiting for it……

  • If you were a student in hogwarts, what subjects do you think you would be doing? And why? 

Everything but potions cause I feel like I would just blow up the whole school by accident….

Yay! So this is the end of an amazing tag! I just want to thank the amazing creators again and I just had so much fun going back into the Harry Potter world even if it was for just a few seconds!


Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed,

The Rant girl




13 thoughts on “The Ultimate Potterhead Tag!

    I’m sooo jealous though because I’ve never been overseas meaning I’ve never been to universal or Harry Potter world.
    I hope you had a great time there and I loved this post

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