Hidden Figures.


Wow. This movie was so unexpectedly amazing. It had heart, and soul, and most of all it had will. It embodies the idea of women empowerment and the fight for whats right.

If you haven’t already seen this movie, or have no clue what it’s about, please let me try my best to convince you to go see it.

This movie tells the true story about the brains behind NASA’s success into space.Β It starts off with 3 strong women of color in the 1960’s, who all have a job working for NASA. Throughout the movie the women are heavily discriminated against and deeply underestimated by the people around them. Against all of the odds these women still strive to be the best and never give up on their dreams.

It was so eyeopening to me because I never lived through that time period. I wasn’t alive when blacks where being discriminated against and had little to no rights. This movie puts you right into their shoes. When watching Hidden Figures, I questioned so many things about what kind of people lived in this time period. Why did they feel the need to bully others because of the color of their skin? I’ll never understand the answer to that question.

The women in Hidden Figures are so inspiring. They never once backed down. Even when they weren’t allowed to do this and that, they kept at it. All 3 of them were able to change the views of how people saw them. They broke through the barriers of women’s rights and racial rights.

Hidden figures is a story told to inform people that not everything is as it seems. It highlights the importance of every role that had a part in major events, like the first man to go into space. It was made to acknowledge overlooked heroines and tell their part of the story.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this review,

The Rant Girl


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